Samsung Is About To Develop Custom GPU For Its Devices
Samsung Is About To Develop Custom GPU For Its Devices

Likely to Apple, Samsung now wants to develop its own house GPU. The company was depended on AMD and NVIDIA which dint satisfied the needs. Seems like this small reason makes the company build an in-house GPU.

Samsung Is About To Develop Custom GPU For Its Devices

The company has been working on the project for a long time. Meanwhile, It was in connections with other GPU manufacturers. And now Samsung wants to break the tie-up and start working on in-house manufacturing.

Reports say that these processors are also capable for mining. Putting their own hands on custom GPU’s might not make the new upcoming flagship, Galaxy S10 introduce with custom GPU.

Its been out that Samsung is reportedly working on GPU’s for its own Exynos chipsets. As now it might be introduced with low-end smartphones. Upon success, We can expect them on high-end devices.

Reports from WinFuture, ” these GPUs are described as ‘flagship’ which is very confusing but it could imply that Samsung wants to bring capable GPUs and henceforth faster graphical performance to lower-end devices.”

Thus the company is about to build GPU’s for low-end devices side. This reveals that Samsung wants to bring the best performance on low-end devices to gain more experience.

Reasons to build in-house GPU are quite simple. As the company wants to provide the best performance for low-end devices. And the other is to make low-end flagships at convenient costs.

This proves Samsung working its ass-off to provide the best technology for its customers.


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