[PUBG New Update] Whats New In PUBG Mobile..???

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PUBG mobile has got the latest update. Most of us have already updated the game and few are yet working on it. SO here share all the information related to the update. So make sure to go through the entire post to know much about the latest pubg update.

[PUBG New Update] Whats New In PUBG Mobile..???

With over 20 Million daily users PUBG MOBILE has created a latest trends in the gaming industry. With its popularity on a hike, Tencent has updated some latest features into the games. They improved the performance, graphic quality and many more which are discussed below.

Sanhok Map

The game already owe’s two maps namely Miramar and Erangle. Now with the latest update we got SanHok Map and other exciting features in it. This is the smallest map which includes a jungle, palm trees and few new weapons. In the map we got new bulletproof vehicles, muscle cars and a new Assault rifle. Using this gun, The players can light up the FLARE and call for a drop. sanhok

This new update was introduced by the developers of PUBG is just because to grab back the players who are being attracted to fortnight. As we know these games have Social Interaction Feature. Which let’s us to voice chat with other players of the game.

This simple feature of the game makes the addiction levels to an extend.

Drawbacks Of PUBG Game

PUBG MOBILE makes users to get addicted with the game. The social interaction feature of the game is the main reason behind it. There are many trolls and funny memes spreading on the social networks related to the game. Memes like breakup with girlfriends etc are on a hike in india.pubg meme

SO make sure to limit the Gameplay and get rid of these game addictions. Hope you found something new to learn through this post. Make sure to share this post on your social profiles so that your friends can gain enough knowledge.


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