LOST.DIR - Explained
LOST.DIR - Explained What Happens if We Delete lost.dir folder

Ever wondered what is LOST.DIR folder in your android smartphone’s internal and external memories? Have you ever bothered about this heck? If you use an Android device, then I’m sure that you can easily find lost.dir in the memory. 

So, What the heck is LOST.DIRECTORY folder?

What is LOST.DIR folder used for in an android device?

You can find lost.dir in both internal and external memory slots of your android device. Even though you delete this folder, It comes back whenever your mobile reboots. So what the heck is this directory all about? Follow the entire guide to know much about LOST.DIR.

LOST.DIR – Explained | What Happens if We Delete lost.dir folder?

Lost.dir is a system folder which can be found in both internal and external memories of an android device. One can easily find this folder in File Manager > Internal or External Memory > LOST.DIR.

SO you might be deleted it from both the memory slots of your device. But being one of the default system folders it is mandatory to come back. If once the device gets booted, This android system directory appears back. Though you cannot find any files inside this folder in most cases you can find few files over there.

So what is LOST.DIR?

As the title itself derives, One can easily guess that it is something about lost files. Yes, the folder is completely meant to store the lost files which you might encounter while transferring files and vice versa.

Let’s go through a simple example. Assum that you are downloading a file to your smartphone via the internet Or an incoming file from any source. Meanwhile at the same time due to unexpected reasons like a low battery or etc the download or the transfer gets stopped.

Or let’s consider that you are transferring a file to your device from computer. At the time when you stop this transfer process, the incoming resources get stopped. So the android system saves the copy of downloaded or transferred file into LOST.DIR folder.

So the time when you process the same download it continues back. Even when your device gets’s switched off while a download process is on its path. You can continue the process again when the device is charged up.

This doesn’t mean that the android system itself can backup the stopped files. You need to recover those files through a recovery software.

Lost.dir contains files under below reasons:

  • Removing Memory Card While Data Transfer Process
  • Interruptions While Downloading
  • Switch Off of Phone During The Transfer Process

So what happens when you delete LOST.DIR folder?

As one can easily delete this folder. But the time when your device gets rebooted it appears back. At the moment when your device is booted up, You can see a small notification saying that “Preparing SD Card”. So at the same time, The android system updates all the necessary files to the memory.

preparing sd card
preparing sd card

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In the end, This was all about LOST.DIR. Hope you learned something new through this post. Make sure to share your impressions in the comments section below and don’t forget to share – your friends will thank you.


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