Windows 10 BUG

It is out that a bug in windows 10 operating system deletes all the files and folders from the computer upon update. Yes! Sources reveal that Windows 10 deletes files on a computer without users permission. 

If you are using a computer or a laptop then the chances are like you use Windows 10 operating system. After the release of Windows 10 tech giant Microsoft have announced that furthermore there will be no release of windows anymore. But there will provide the latest features and patches in the form of regular updates.

Many users have updated their operating systems from Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 to the latest Windows 10. Updates in Windows 10 operating system are under regular schedules. Under weekly basis, Your windows 10 OS get updated regularly.

There is a prebuilt feature in this operating system which meters the bandwidth. With the help of this tool, Users can limit their Internet to system updates. Though updates are recommended for any application or tool.

Updates protect a software or tool from bugs and hacks. They are the main source of installing the latest features brought by the developer. So one needs to make sure that he/she update all the software programmes.

Latest Update In Windows 10 Might Delete Files and Data

Updates are scheduled regularly. Many users of the Windows 10 operating system regularly update their operating system to make the performance of their computer better. In the same sense, recently many users have faced file deletion issue on updating their windows software.

A bug in recent windows update has deleted files of many users with any notice or permission. Later this resulted in “Blue Screen Of Death” for many computers. This happens only when a system file gets deleted.

The message says that there is a missing system file. And it makes the user restart their computers to solve the system related issue. Upon restarting their computer all the files and data stored in My Pictures, My Videos, My Documents we not visible.

All the project files and saved missions of a game are stored in My Documents. And many reports were files on this miss appearance of the data. We suggest you save all the personal and public data to online drives.


It’s much important to install updates. This brings the latest features and fixes bugs and slow performance. In low scenarios, Updates cannot solve past issues and brings unknown bugs.

So What is the solution for it?

Being a tech giant, Microsoft finds the solution as soon as possible. Even patch to this bug will be in the form of another update. SO until then make sure to have a backup of all the data which is stored on your computer.

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