How To Repair Damaged Memory Card or PenDrive


Is your pen drive corrupted? or You wanna recover your damaged Sd card or Memory card? Here in this post, we share some simple steps which help you in recovering a corrupted memory card. This same tweak works with Hard Drives too. 

How ToRepair Damaged Memory Card or PenDrive

Here in this post, We gonna share two best methods through which one can easily repair damaged or corrupted sd cards. Hope any of the below methods work for you. So make sure to follow the below-mentioned steps carefully.

Method #1

Follow the below steps to repair a damaged memory storage device. This method works fine with most damaged cards.

Step1 Open CMD in your windows machine with administrator rights. Then type in DISKPART and hit on enter.How To Repair Damaged Memory Card or PenDrive

Step2 Enter List Disk, Now here you can find all the memoies attached to your computer. The default DISK 0 is will be the Hard Drive and other disks will be the one which is connected externally.How To Repair Damaged Memory Card or PenDrive

Step3 Now select the corrupted disk. here in my case, It is Disk 1. Here I type Select Disk 1 and hit enter to make the selection done.How To Repair Damaged Memory Card or PenDrive

Step4 Then type the command Clean. Upon typing this command, if successful you will get a message saying that “DISKPART succeeded in cleaning the disk”. Then type exit to exit with command.How To Repair Damaged Memory Card or PenDrive

Then after all you need to do is, Eject and re-insert the pen drive to the computer and there you see the magic. The pen drive or any kinda external storage device is now fixed from damage. Upon re-insert, You can find its storage capacity on the screen and just transfer your data and keep it secure.

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Method #2

So above was the first method for fixing issues on a corrupted memory card or pen drive. If that dint worked fine, Follow the below steps to make it done. Here we go with a simple tool which helps us to resolve issues arisen on memory sticks.

Step1 Go ahead and download a simple tool known as HP USB Disk Storage Formatter form this safe link. Once you complete the download process, Go ahead and open the tool with the administrator rights.How To Repair Damaged Memory Card or PenDrive

Step2 On the software’s UI, Select the device which you want to heal up. Then click on Start. Upon clicking on Start the format process get’s started.How To Repair Damaged Memory Card or PenDrive

Once it’s done, Now you can access the storage device. You can safely transfer files from computer to storage device or storage device to a computer. These hacks won’t affect the performance of the storage device and it simply resets all the configurations of the specific storage device. In the end, These were the two best methods through which one can easily Repair Damaged Memory Card or PenDrive.

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