How To Make Your Android Battery Last Longer

Most of us get void with the battery performance of your smartphones. Which in most cases also leads to heavy consumption of our mobile data too. Here in this guide, We share with you few best tweaks to make your android battery last longer.

“How To Make Your Android Battery Last Longer”

Here we share with you the best settings which improve the battery life and makes your device consume fewer data. So to get most out of from your handset, make sure to follow the entire guide.

#1 Restrict Background Data

This is one of the foremost important settings of the android which one needs to be aware of. In order to save the battery life of your device and to make apps not to consume mobile data in the background. All you need to do is turn on “Restrict Background Data”.

In most cases, People download apps with titles like Batter Svaer. All these apps perform the same hack. These apps block apps from running in the background. Without the use of any third party application, This can be done within android settings itself.

Go to > Settings > Data Usage > Background Data > Turn OFF those apps which you think might have noo need to access the internet.How To Make Your Android Battery Last Longer

#2 Turn Off Auto Update Apps

With this feature, We never know whats happening with the apps installed on our device. Enabling this feature check for the app update with the help of data. So in order to save mobile data and expand battery life of the device all you need to do is Turn Off Auto Update feature in the Google Play Store Settings.

Go to > Play Store > Options > Settings > Auto-Update Apps. Then mark Do Not Auto Update Apps an save the changes. Once done, Auto updates on your device get’s turned off.How To Make Your Android Battery Last Longer

#3 Turn Off Location

Unless you use the Navigation system and maps feature on the device, never turn location on. It is because most of the applications these days use the location access to improve user experience via tracking the device. So why to be a product of others business? Simply turn off location on your device whenever you have no use for it.

And make sure to uninstall those applications which are sure to have location access to run. And never install any kinda third-party apps and games. Apps and games from untrusted sources harm your device.How To Make Your Android Battery Last Longer

These are few simple tweaks which can improve a certain amount of your device’s battery life. These are the 3 tweaks which most battery saver apps perform on your device. By following up these above-mentioned tweaks, Makes you get rid of installing battery saver apps on your device.

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