5 Best Long Range Wireless Routers in 2021

Long Range Wireless Routers

If you’re searching for the best long-range WIFI router for your house, we’ve got the best suggestions for you.

It has become imperative to get hold of an affordable long-range Wi-Fi router to achieve high speed and efficient coverage. In homes with challenging design, we sometimes suffer from weak network problems.

Since the coronavirus outbreak, a significant number of people have been operating from home. School kids all over the world are attending their classes online in a bid to stay safe and healthy.

ModelSpeeds up toBuy Now
Asus RT-AC88U2100 MbpsBuy on Amazon
Netgear Orbi RBK502200 MbpsBuy on Amazon
D-Link DIR-890L5332 MbpsBuy on Amazon
TP-Link AD72007200 MbpsBuy on Amazon
AmpliFi HD UniBody7685 MbpsBuy on Amazon

Best Long Range WiFi Router

Asus RT-AC88U

Asus RT-AC88U

The Asus RT-AC88U router has eight superfast Gigabit LAN ports, fast Wi-Fi performance and tonnes of useful features. Its web interface is cleverly designed and simple to use.

Asus stayed supreme no matter how many times we attempted to break the mould. Delivering excellent Wi-Fi data speeds, long-range and a reliable wireless signal, there’s not much to tell about its capabilities.

Since Wi-Fi 6 will take a few years to mature, if you’re looking for a long-range router right now, I still suggest the RT-AC88U. It’s going to serve you well for many years to come.

Netgear Orbi RBK50

Netgear Orbi RBK50

Out of this world, the Netgear Orbi RBK50 AC3000 mesh-router system is capable of filling a large home with high-speed Wi-Fi. It’s a breeze to set up, and it has more range and power than almost any other router. The Orbi dedicated router-to-extension data traffic channel lets the device squeeze the full throughput for your family’s online needs and needs.

We think the Netgear Orbi is one of the best alternatives out there for anyone who needs a long-range WiFi router with a mesh system. It’s one of the easiest to use, delivering decent results in our range and data throughput testing. It’s one of the most expensive models, but we guess it’s difficult to beat, and it’s a great option for anyone who’s ready to take their home network to the next level.

D-Link DIR-890L

D-Link DIR-890L

The DIR-890L is the flagship market router of D-Link. It uses six external aerials to deliver up to AC3200 speeds – 2 x 1,300Mbps + 600Mbps simultaneously – through its 3 Wi-Fi bands.

When it comes to performance throughput speed, the D-Link AC3200 Ultra Wi-Fi Router (DIR-890L / R) beats all comers and has also turned into top scores for our range tests. In addition to its excellent efficiency and futuristic design, it provides all the features you’d expect from the 802.11ac high-end tri-band router, including SmartConnect band control and Beamforming technologies, QoS drag-and-drop management, parental controls, website filtering, and Firewall settings.

TP-Link AD7200

TP-Link AD7200

The Talon AD7200 features 802.11ad Wi-Fi and can provide incredibly fast speed to devices that support its high-end technology. It operates with all of the latest devices, but at a slower speed.

With the Talon AD7200 Multi-Band Wi-Fi Router, TP-Link introduces a new age of Wi-Fi networking that uses the current 802.11ad Wi-Fi standard.

For a small proportion of you with 802.11ad clients in your house, the Talon AD7200 is a fine, future-proof buy, but otherwise, it’s not worth your money.

AmpliFi HD UniBody

AmpliFi HD UniBody

The Amplifi HD Home Wi-Fi System is the most reliable mesh router we’ve tested so far, and it’s also the most effective. The router is stylish, provides solid throughput to both bands, and is easy to mount and manage. Although the mesh points are significantly larger, they take seconds to be installed and offer a good range of performance.

The Amplifi HD is an outstanding wireless router with range extenders that will look fine in almost anyone’s home thanks to an excellent design that Apple’s own Jony I ve will definitely approve of.


It’s really necessary to have a wifi router during this pandemic time while we’re sitting at home and using the internet for all, every day.

If you’re searching for the longest range, your best option is to go with eero or one of the other WiFi mesh providers, such as AmpliFi. If you’re looking for a serious gaming router, the X6 or X10 is your best bet. If all you need is an easy, functional router with a decent long-range, you can’t go wrong with the AD7200 TP-Link. Often, after all, less is enough.

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